In the greater Phoenix Area if you’re looking for wedding photographer, portrait photography, family portraits, senior portraits, sports photographers or even boudoir photography or any type of event photography, Location Images Professional Photography can accommodate all your needs. Located in the greater Phoenix Area, Location Images Professional Photography is all about convenience. During the busy work and school week we all have time constraints and challenges. Does getting the family together for a meaningful and creative family portrait photography session seem out of the question? Does dragging everyone down to the photo studio seem like mission impossible? If this is the case Location Images can solve this challenge for you. We bring the studio to you in the greater Phoenix Area. We do it conveniently and expediently on your time. I'll bet the family portraits would be so much better with your beautiful living room, family room, or back yard as a familiar and cozy background. Don't put it off any longer, check us out. We will work with you to create a fantastic photography experience. Give us a call for services and packages. Keep exploring our web site and Gallery Page to see what we can do for you. Convenience and creativity is our game plan. What’s your game plan?   (Click here for Gallery Page)

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